Virgin Australia launches inflight Wi-Fi on international flights to the USA

Virgin Australia have introduced reasonably priced inflight WiFi on their international route between Australia and Los Angeles, helping passengers stay connected during the 14 hour trip. The service will cost $12 for the duration of the trip, available for passengers embarking from either Sydney (13.5 hours) or Melbourne (14.5 hours).

The recent introduction means that inflight WiFi is now available across a number of Virgin Australia’s flights and will continue to roll out throughout 2018. Passengers can now access the net on all five Virgin Australia Boeing 777 aircraft to the U.S, 10 Boeing 737 aircraft (with 75% of the fleet to be complete by December), and – as of early 2019 – the airline’s A330s, which fly to Hong Kong as well as between Perth and the east coast.

“Most of us use our phones on a daily – if not hourly basis – meaning it can be incredibly disruptive to have extended periods of time when you can’t connect with friends, family, colleagues, or what’s going on in the world”, said Group Executive for Virgin Australia Airlines Rob Sharp. “We’re proud to be the leader in providing Australians with greater inflight connectivity on international flights”.

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