Luke Nguyen brought on board to refine Vietnam Airlines’ food offerings

Vietnam Airlines has signed a three year contract with celebrity chef Luke Nguyen aimed at reinvigorating their on-board food offering. The bestselling author and TV host will be working closely with the airline as Global Cuisine Ambassador, a collaboration designed to further promote Vietnamese culture and cuisine to the world.

Nguyen has developed eight of his own dishes for introduction onto the airline’s Business Class menus across all flights departing Australia for Vietnam. In addition to this, he’ll be having input into the current offering of 50 dishes served globally.

“Menu planning sky high is very complex”, said Nguyen. “We lose about 15 to 20 per cent of our taste at 50,000ft and finding a food offering that has authentic Vietnamese flavours to suit different passengers isn’t easy. I look forward to the challenge [and] I’ve always been impressed with how much pride [Vietnam Airlines] take in providing top quality cuisine – so for my dishes to take off in such a big way is pretty special”.

For more information on the menu and flight bookings head on over to the official Vietnam Airlines website HERE.