Hotel Review: King Classic Room at the Langham in Auckland, New Zealand

There is a sense of comfort to the Langham Hotel in Auckland that hits you from the moment you walk into their lobby. It’s spacious, with plenty of sitting areas and a long check in counter. Those behind it couldn’t be more helpful and the process to get yourself to your room is a painless one. I was staying in one of their Classic rooms, with desk, King bed, massive TV and dual shower and bath in an well sized marble bathroom.

The website promises “warm earth tones which are complimented by light-coloured wood furnishings”, and though you’re likely going to spend most of your time in the 28m2 room when it’s dark, the warmth from the room can’t help but bleed into your high comfort levels. There’s a lot to do in Auckland after all! They work hard to keep you comfortable no matter the time of day, however, with the TV tuned to some classical music on entry, and an inviting feeling. But really it’s all about the bed, which is known as the “Langham Blissful Bed”. It is, without question, the most comfortable best I’ve ever slept in. I almost didn’t want to sleep while I was there just to enjoy the vast level of comfort the bed and its sheeting offers.


This also carries across to the marble bathroom, with a thick towel on the floor made extra plush for your feet, as are the towels you’ll use for your body. My robe had a couple of tears in it, but definitely made you feel like the king of luxury all the same. Also worth noting that the bathroom mirror had anti-fogging in front of where your face goes – something I’ve noticed among a few hotels around the world of late. A nice touch for any post-shower shaving or anything else you might need to do. And the complimentary toiletries from the hotel’s Chuan Spa are of high quality and well presented.

The only downside to the hotel will come in some of the on site costs. Even for luxury accommodation, the hotel does charge quite a bit more than most for its extras. Expect a $450 hold on your credit card on arrival, $25 per day for internet which is needless (free wi-fi is surely assumed at this stage), and while their breakfast buffet at the on site restaurant Eight is excellent, you are looking at a $40 per head charge. Dinner, meanwhile, is over $100. You’re not limited to the buffet, however: they do offer a la carte and continental options, as well as 24 hour room service. But use the higher cost to push you into some of the great surrounding options. Right around the corner from some excellent dining options on K’ Road, however, so don’t feel like you have to dig into a meal of that price range. Still, it’s worth the price tag if you have the time and money!


One of the most comfortable stays you’ll find anywhere in the world, the Langham Hotel is located at 83 Symonds St in Grafton, Auckland, right around the corner from Karangahape Road (known affectionately as K’ Road), which has some of the best food, live music venues and bars in Auckland. You can find out what is in the area at

For more details about the hotel, head to their official website.

Photos supplied by the hotel. All prices in NZ Dollars.